Art Kellner's Journey in the Media Industry

At the age of 19, Art Kellner started his career at a TV station, first as a news cameraman, then in other video production capacities at the station. His love of keeping up to date with the newest technology has served him very well over the years.

Very early on in Art’s career, he became well-versed in cutting-edge video equipment, and in the early 80s started using his diverse skills as an entrepreneur, helping post-production companies generate business in the burgeoning video SFX and CGI industry.

He stayed in the SFX industry for a decade. His agility and ability to think on his feet enabled him to help many departments and teams gain traction in the fast-changing landscape of the film and video industry.

Art was then approached to work as an editor for TV sitcoms. He did this for 26 years. Art never stopped being creative and produced, filmed, and contributed to many other films and projects whenever he had time. One of his side projects was as a videographer for what is now a leading green energy company, documenting their research and progress over the last 20 years. In 2017, Art transitioned out of sitcoms and began working primarily as a multimedia consultant for this company.

During this project, they’ve faced significant challenges managing their extensive video, photo, and audio files. Art’s client needed a localized storage solution that didn't rely on external connections, and it had to be highly customizable to fit their specific needs. This was especially important for video production, requiring smooth ingestion and cataloging of assets to be accessible from a centralized system.

The journey with eMedia Library has been marked by engaging and productive Zoom meetings and a strong partnership. We look forward to continuing this collaboration with eMedia Library and exploring new possibilities in media management.

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Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management with Art Kellner and eMedia Library

Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management with Art Kellner and eMedia Library

Art Kellner specializes in consultancy services for the media industry. More recently he is extending his expertise to one of the largest energy companies in the world. Our latest endeavor involves a collaboration with Media Prospectors to revolutionize Art's clients' digital asset management (DAM) system with eMedia Library.

eMedia Library is open source, which offers the security and control that companies need. eMedia Library also offers custom-built platforms along with a diverse variety of robust organizational features. The platform's emphasis on parent-child folder relationships, comprehensive tagging, and advanced search functions has the potential to improve anyone’s digital asset management.

The ability to customize the platform and work directly with eMedia Library's development team is particularly valuable for our clients. This collaboration has allowed them to tailor the system precisely to their workflow, fostering creativity and innovation.

For more information on how eMedia Library can transform your digital asset management, visit eMedia Library.